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Pleasure – Saint Albans

Pleasure Saint Albans

Label Disasters By Choice

Cat. Number LPNUY006

LP black 350 copies. Release date 21/07/2021


Their debut LP Saint Albans, was conceived and recorded in a small farm house in the town of Saint Albans, New South Wales, over 3 days from the 12th to the 14th of October 2019. The building has since burned down in the 2019 Australian Bushfires. “We came away from this session with close to 20 hours of material that we edited down into consumable pieces.” This is the case for all tracks except BRAIN WASTE 191013 which was left intact and unedited. 

They launched the Australian release of the album by playing a 6 hour endurance set in a warehouse in Sydney’s Inner West.

“Our sonic influences seem very obvious but we haven’t been called out yet. Mainly Boards of Canada, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Aphex Twin, Fuck Buttons, Blanck Mass and Lightning Bolt.”

File Under: Eletronic, Hauntology, GhostBox


Track list

Side A
MISTY 191012 03:57
TASTE MOUTH 191013 03:50
PLEASER STROLL 191012 03:00
BREATHE IN 191012 04:26

Side B
SUBLIMATION 191014 03:21
SLURP 191013 04:21
BRAIN WASTE 191013 10:22
WONK 191012 02:28