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Sons of Viljems – Lithospheric Melodies

Sons of Viljems Lithospheric Melodies

Label Disasters By Choice

Cat. Number LPNUY010

LP Black 300 copies. Release date 14/03/2024

Artwork by Raimund Wong


Sons of Viljems are a London based duo, comprised of Andrea Giommi (Guitar, Vocals) and Nejc Haberman (Bass, Synth). With a measured pace in a world of relentless acceleration, they have released six carefully crafted songs over five years on Sas Recordings and Fang Bomb Records. In contrast to bulk editing and standardisation, Sons of Viljems meticulously chisel every song to its last detail. After years of concerts, collaborations, and sporadic releases, the band has now curated 42 minutes of music for their debut full-length album ‘Lithospheric Melodies’.

This collection is a fusion of minimalistic bass-guitar sessions and collaborative efforts with external musicians, each contributing their unique touch to the compositions.

London jazz drummer Tim Doyle, also known as ‘Chiminyo’, records the album and plays percussion on every track. Other notable contributors include Filip Sijanec on synths and drum machine, Laura Loriga lending her vocals on two tracks, Elisa Ridolfi with a range of evocative and possessed Goblin – Morricone like vocal patterns, Matjaz Mlakar sprinkles the album with inventive saxophone solutions, and Agathe Max adds her viola touch to three tracks. The album is mixed and produced by Jean-Gabriel Becker of ‘Becker and Mukai’.

‘Lithospheric Melodies’ is a dynamic, dreamy, obscure, eerie and evocative collection. It navigates through dub bass lines, it suggests jazzy/ world music atmospheres, echoes, reverbs, touching melodies and relentless grooves.

The album paints a vivid sonic landscape, reminiscent of a collaborative session between Goat and Khruangbin, evoking influences from the likes of Robert Wyatt, Coil, Labradford, Arthur Verocai, Mulatu Astatke, Os Mutantes, This Heat, Ennio Morricone, and David Axelrod.

It is the band’s first release on Disasters By Choice Records.

Sons of Viljems Bandcamp